Our 2010 Manifesto

During 2010 we held a series of roving surgeries around the town.  As we spoke to more and more people we found that there were some common themes, firstly there was a deep disillusionment with the failure of the Boston Bypass Independents Party to deliver on the promises they had made in 2007.  The other was a strong belief that Boston could and should be a better place.  From these conversations grew Boston Labour Party’s manifesto for Boston, which became a key plank in our 2011 election campaign. The manifesto now forms the basis for the actions of your Labour Councillors as they work on the Council for their communities.  But it is more than that, it is a living document that will grow and develop as the needs of the people of Boston change.  If you feel there is an issue or a need that we should address or you want to join us as we work for Boston’s future, please contact us here.

Manifesto UPDATE 2015

If you read our manifesto you will see that since 2011, even though we have been only a small opposition group, we have been able to achieve some progress for the Borough.  Sadly because of the dead hand of the Conservative administration, that has been running the Borough since 2011, our Town has seen little real change,  other than trying to make ends meet for most of us has become harder.    We have left our Manifesto available here and hope after May 7th 2015 we will be in a stronger position to work with the whole community to make Boston a fairer place for us all to live. Click here to read our manifesto (Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader Click here to install the reader)